Ichthyofaunal Illustrations

The complex sensory array that runs along the sides of a fish’s body is the Lateral Line. It serves the role of sensation to a fish in its environment.

Having worked as a fish biologist in New Mexico for almost twenty years, I am particularly interested in the native fishes of the desert Southwest with expertise regarding the early life history of fishes. I have illustrated all of the native fishes of New Mexico and have also illustrated the ontogenetic life stages of several cyprinid species.

In addition to fish illustrations, I have rendered scientific illustrations of bats, frogs, snakes, parasites, invertebrates, and Mimbres pottery.

  • Central Stoneroller, Campostoma anomalum
  • Roundnose Minnow, Dionda episcopa - Developmental Series
  • Speckled Chub, Macrhybopsis aestivalis - Developmental Series
  • Chihuahua Chub, Gila nigrescens
  • Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, Hybognathus amarus
  • Desert Sucker, Catostomus clarki
  • Notropis braytoni, Tamaulipas Shiner
  • Hybognathus placitus, juvenile
  • Texas Shiner Notropis amabilis
  • Flathead Gudgeon, Philypnodon grandiceps
  • Humpback Chub, Gila cypha
  • Manantial Roundnose Minnow, Dionda argentosa
  • Little Galaxias, Galaxiella toourtkoourt