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Native Fishes of the Gila River Basin

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF), Share with Wildlife Program funded the first of a series of posters depicting native fishes by specific drainage in New Mexico. Share with Wildlife is a non-profit program that was created to “provide additional wildlife funds to perpetuate the renewable wildlife resource of New Mexico that gives so much pleasure to all New Mexicans.” Find out more Here.

22″ x 28″ Poster Front

22″ x 28″ Poster Back

Native Fishes of the San Juan River

This poster was funded by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to educate the public about the native fishes of the San Juan River and the recovery efforts of the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program. These posters were designed to be folded so rafters could carry the brochure version down the San Juan River.

Native Fishes of the Canadian River

The third poster in the series produced for New Mexico Department of Game and Fish depicting the native fishes by drainages in New Mexico. The Canadian River hosts a diverse assemblage of native fish and flows through some of the most pristine locations in New Mexico. The poster back details the biology of each fish species, describes the annual discharge and river ecology based on elevation.

Upcoming posters in this series will include native fishes of the Rio Grande and Pecos rivers. Due out summer 2017.